The City of Cumberland Award Funded Revitalization Programs

On Wednesday Governor Wes Moore announced $63.7 million dollars in awards for seven state revitalization programs administered by the Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development. The City of Cumberland was awarded money for 3 programs out of the 219 other projects funded by the state.

$100,000 dollars for the Choose Cumberland Relocation Package –  

This is a pilot program where the city will implement a limited number of relocation packages to attract new residents, such as remote workers, interested in purchasing, renovating and living in an existing home within the city limits.    

“We have a shrinking population we want to build that back,” Ruth Davis-Rogers Historic Preservation Manager for the City of Cumberland.

During the Coronavirus pandemic there was many people coming into town from other areas because they were working remotely and liked the low cost of living Cumberland and the surrounding area had to offer.

The idea for incentives for people out of the area to relocate to the Cumberland was proposed. This is a pilot program meaning there might only be money to fund 11 to 15 people, Rogers said.

“The Department of Housing and Community Development, it could be a win win they want to see our housing stock improve and we want to see economic development occur and our tax base stabilize and improve,” said Rogers.

The City of Cumberland is in process of developing the program more although Rogers said the proposed program would look something like, the individual would have to buy a home in Cumberland and would be awarded $10,000 to make improvements on that said home and then over the course of two years they would get another $10,000.

$50,000 Midtown Grant Program –

Implementing of commercial improvement programs for commercial properties on N. Centre and N. Mechanic St. from Bedford Street to the intersection where Southern States is located.  

“We don’t know exactly how much funding will be but there will have to be a match from the Home Owner on that, if someone says they want to do 10,000 in renovations than we would like to see a match of that. We would need receipts and a scope of what the project is,” said Rogers.

$50,000 Cumberland Roof Replacement Program –

Continuation of the  Roof Replacement Program that provides new roofs to low income, disabled, elderly and veterans within the city limits. 

“We don’t want to see people become homeless, that taxes our system, we lose revenue if the house has to be torn down, we don’t want to see our tax base fail,” Rogers said.

This is a continuation of a program that did well in Cumberland and Rogers believes is benefitable in this area


These programs will most likely be implemented in the late spring/early summer of 2024.

For more information visit Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development website.