Hampshire County Rescue Owner Under Investigation

The Hampshire County Sheriff’s Office is investigating a local animal rescue. According to a press release from the Hampshire County Sheriff’s Office a search warrant was executed at the “Love Shack Rescue” located off Timber Mountain Road near Capon Bridge on April 5th. The sheriff’s office has been investigating this rescue for the past several months. The owner of the rescue Sabrina Droescher was given specific reasonable guidelines she needed to follow in order to comply with State Law and the County Ordinance pertaining to operating a rescue. Unfortunately, the owner did not comply with the guidelines and the conditions at the rescue continued to worsen, to the point where Hampshire County Sheriff’s Office officials believe the living conditions are not suitable for the dogs. Members of the sheriff’s office and Hampshire County Animal shelter spent April 5 and 6th identifying and tagging 102 dogs being housed at this “rescue.” A Veterinarian was also on-site April 5, 2021.

Several volunteers from various rescues were on site and took possession of some of the dogs.  There were at least 3 decomposed dog carcasses located on the property. The rescue consisted of multiple makeshift kennels set up outside in a wooded area, dogs being kept in cages inside outbuildings, in two separate houses, and some in vehicles.

The “Love Shack” will not be able to continue business in accordance with the County Ordinance. Sabrina Droescher voluntarily relinquished ownership of several dogs, however, she has told law enforcement officials she plans to contest the seizure of at least 12 dogs. In accordance with WV State Law, the owner of a seized animal has five days to contest the seizure before a Magistrate.

Many of these dogs were being shipped to the “Love Shack” from several rescues located in more southern states. These rescues were shipping dogs to the “Love Shack” without doing any reference checks and/or on-site visits.

The investigation is continuing and criminal charges will be sought