Route 29 Batman Killed in Crash

The man best known as Route 29 Batman is killed in a crash in Washington County. According to Maryland State Police at about 10:30 last night troopers were called out to eastbound I-70 west of Big Pool Road. 51 year old Leonard Robinson of Ownings Mill was driving a custom made vehicle that had engine trouble and stopped partially in the fast lane. Robinson was checking the engine while standing in the fast lane of eastbound I-70. 39 year old Mark Karman of Charlottesville, VA was driving eastbound as well and hit Robinson’s car causing his injuries. Karman was not injured in the crash. Robinson would dress up as batman and visit children’s hospitals in his custom made batmobile. He ran an organization called Superheroes for Kids and would make visits to children’s hospitals, schools and senior centers for free. Robinson had made a stop at a Children’s Hospital in Charleston,WV over the weekend