Number of MSP Investigators on C3I Decreased By One

The number of Maryland State Police investigators participating in the Allegany County Combined Criminal Investigations unit has been reduced from three to two.

According to MSP Spokesman Greg Shipley the number was decreased from three to two, but the investigator will remain at the Cumberland Barrack and will continue to conduct criminal investigations. He says “The Maryland State Police was a founding member of C3I and we are proud to have been a part of the unit’s success as an investigative team. We are still a part of this team and will continue to provide additional support with Maryland State Police resources when needed.
The Maryland State Police was formed in 1921 and charged with being a statewide law enforcement agency with a directed focus on highway safety and inter-jurisdictional criminal activity. We are to fill the law enforcement need between local police and federal authorities. That need especially includes criminal investigation work throughout our state.
As a result, after careful reviews of personnel assignments and investigative needs, we are continuing to realign resources to be as effective as possible in fulfilling our public safety priorities. This began several years ago and is an ongoing process. 
A priority for the Maryland State Police is to have a statewide focus on public safety that provides an individual impact on the safety of the citizens of Allegany County and every other jurisdiction in our state. We are continuing to find ways to maximize our efforts to do that.”
A statement from the C3I advisory board was released as well stating “The member agencies of C3I appreciate the support the Maryland State Police (MSP) have provided over the years. Since its inception in September 1992, the C3I Unit has investigated over 27,000 cases, made over 9000 arrests, and has a case closure rate of over 94%. The recent reduction in the MSP staff to C3I presents some challenges for the Unit. The C3I Advisory Board negotiated with Colonel Pallozzi last fall to come to the current agreement. The Advisory Board worked with Colonel Pallozzi as we all endeavored to balance the priorities of the C3I Unit and the statewide responsibilities of the MSP. The board is confident that C3I will continue to serve Allegany County in partnership with the MSP.”