Daily COVID-19 Update

There were Nineteen (19) New Cases of COVID-19 reported in Grant County  

Three (3) from Grant County Schools.

1,741 Total COVID Cases

• 1427 Confirmed Positive COVID cases

• 314 Probable COVID cases (Probable cases are those that have a positive result from a rapid antigen test).

• 1,520 Total Recovered

• 188 Active Cases (4 hospitalized)

• 29 Deaths listed as COVID related

The Delta Variant of COVID is widespread in WV which has led to an uptick of cases. There are many very ill people now and Grant Memorial Hospital Emergency Room is extremely busy.

Grant Memorial Hospital is unable to continue Community COVID testing as staff is needed to care for numerous ill patients. Please realize this was not an easy decision, and it is very important to take the situation seriously. We have not had this many positive COVID cases in such a short time with many people very ill, including young healthy individuals.

Masks are highly recommended for ALL while in indoor areas to limit the spread.

Pfizer Vaccine available for all age 12 yrs. and older,

or Moderna for anyone age 18 or older

Grant County Health Department

Call 304-257-4922

Call Mt. Storm Health Center for more information on their COVID vaccine availability and dates

Call 304-693-7616

Hampshire County Public Schools Superintendent Jeff Pancione released a statement on Tuesday Sept 7th on a new mask mandate.

All students & staff members are required to wear masks indoors and on buses beginning Wed, Sept. 8. This is in effect as long as the county is red or orange on the WVDHHR map. This may help lessen the need to be quarantined due to exposure to Covid.

“It was with great excitement we started a new school year with the hope of returning to a sense of “normalcy” without the requirement of masks. Over the past several weeks, Hampshire County has experienced a surge in COVID-19 related cases. After consulting with local health officials and our head school nurse and reviewing the updated guidance document from the West Virginia Department of Education, the following protocols will go into effect on Wednesday, September 8, 2021. • All students and staff members will be required to wear face coverings. Our county Health Department monitors the levels and rate of community transmission along with the status of the DHHR Map each day. Working with the Hampshire County Health Department, the decision has been made to require the use of face covering in our schools and on buses. When the transmission level is ranked in the “substantial” (Orange) or “high” (Red) categories, masks will be required indoors and on buses. When the transmission level is ranked in the “low” (Green) or “moderate” (Yellow or Gold) categories, masks will be highly recommended indoors and on buses but not required. This is not an easy decision and certainly not what we all hoped for. However, our focus must remain on students and their education. If students and staff are masked, the risk of quarantine and exposure is greatly reduced allowing in-person learning and our educational process to continue. The ultimate goal is to support in-person learning for our students. With a mask requirement in place, the following protocols will be implemented and reduce the number of students being quarantined moving forward: • Students who have been vaccinated do NOT have to quarantine. • For schools with a universal mask policy (regardless of DHHR map color) quarantining students, and staff who have been exposed to a person with COVID-19 is NOT required if masks are worn at the point of exposure (including extracurricular activities). I fully understand the desire to return to normal and not be concerned with wearing masks. We are all tired of COVID. However, we are back to the point where we are all going to have to mask up for a while. I encourage you to focus on the positives of the school year to date. Our staff and students are in school, students are back with their peers and friends, extra-curricular activities are occurring, and we will move forward to keep students in school working collaboratively with our health officials. 111 School Street Romney, WV 26757 Working together we need to focus on educating our students, keeping our students in school, and keep pressing forward. I pray daily for wisdom and guidance, therefore, I must rely on the expertise and guidance of our health officials. I trust their direction and guidance! I encourage everyone to work together for the children of Hampshire County and continue to focus on the education, safety, and wellbeing of all.”

The Hardy County Health Department is sending condolences to the family of the latest COVID-19 fatality. This victim was a 44 year old male. There have been a total of 25 deaths in Hardy County due to COVID-19. We encourage everyone to get vaccinated at a local pharmacy or by calling the Health Department at 304-530-6355. With everyone taking measures to help by wearing masks and getting vaccinated, we can stop the spread and prevent more deaths.